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Full Council Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis in January (which will be the budget meeting), April, July and October to discuss the Policy & Resources of the Council. Consisting of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor as ex-officio members, plus five Councillors.

LEAD OFFICER: Town Clerk as Responsible Finance Officer (RFO).

  • The appointed Internal Auditor (Auditing Solutions Ltd) will give independent reports to members. To receive and implement any recommendations as appropriate.
  • To receive External Audit report and implement any recommendations accordingly.
  • The Income and Expenditure will be constantly monitored and provide guidance when setting the annual Budget; receiving recommendations from ALL Committees in November.
  • Virement within budget headings is at the discretion of the Finance Committee.
  • To have delegated authority in all things finance (Income and Expenditure) with the exception of setting the annual Precept, taking out a Loan or contractual obligations to staff.
  • To ensure that finances are managed in accordance with ‘Financial Regulations’ and ‘Standing Orders’.
  • To ensure that monthly payments are presented to the full Council and quarterly reports approved by the Committee are shared with all Councillors.
  • To scrutinise costs and regular payments, for cost and efficiency; exploring and initiating opportunities for savings and to increase income.
  • The Council's General Policies will be reviewed on an Annual Basis.
  • To take instruction and guidance from full Council when and where appropriate.