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Swaffham Town Council

Neighbourhood Plan

Swaffham Town Council Neighbourhood Plan


By 2026, Swaffham will have developed as an enterprising, attractive and prosperous market town. It will be the centre of a vibrant employment area, which also provides first class services and facilities to its rural hinterland.

Development will be driven by new employment opportunities, which will include engineering, research and development, logistics, food production and agriculture. Cementing Swaffham's perceived 'green' credentials, promoting sustainable development with retail outlets providing jobs and helping make the town a self-contained community.

New housing of an appropriate tenure, type and mix to meet the needs of the community will have been integrated with new and existing facilities. The town will be well supported by the necessary infrastructure improvements, including essential utility supply or services, and in particular with improved education, health, social and leisure facilities.

It will be easy to move within Swaffham particularly by walking, cycling and public transport. Improvements to the road network will improve access to and from Swaffham from surrounding areas and support the natural growth to the town.

Existing green spaces will be protected and further green spaces will be created.

The built environment will be protected and improved with high quality design, which employs renewable forms of energy. Protecting the environment will be a key principle of all development so that Swaffham will be at the forefront of sustainable living.

The overriding aim of the Neighbourhood Plan is to preserve the distinctive character of our beautiful Georgian market town in the heart of 'The Brecks', whilst improving the quality of life for all who live, work and visit the town of Swaffham.