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Recreation, Community Services Committee

Consisting of the Mayor & Deputy Mayor as ex-officio members, plus five Councillors

  • The Recreation and Community Services Committee to meet on a bi-monthly meeting cycle (or as and when required), to ensure that issues are dealt with swiftly and management issues relating to all Open Spaces land, owned, leased or rented by the Town Council are resolved satisfactorily. In certain circumstances deadlines may be extended to coincide with scheduled Committee meetings.
  • All day to day or week to week management issues are dealt with by the Town Council staff.

LEAD OFFICER: Deputy Town Clerk.

  • The Committee will cover issues relating to the Recreation Ground's at Haspall's Road, Orford Road Playing Field, The Oaklands and Merryweather Road, Allotments at Shouldham Lane, Four Acres Field and Tumbler Hill, the Cemetery at Brandon Road, the Churchyard, Baptist Church Burial Ground in White Cross Road, Campingland in Beech Close and all of the new open space/play areas from development in progress (imminently at Redlands Park and Swans Nest).
  • The Committee shall deal with matters relating to footpaths, footways and bridleways etc; cleanliness of the town, bus shelters, litter and dog bins, street furniture and street scene issues including planters and floral displays around the Town.
  • The Committee will deal with issues referred where policy is either unclear or does not exist.
  • The Committee to annually review Tree maintenance, Hedges, Gates & Fences, Play Equipment, Memorials, Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Allotment Rules and Regulations also event licence agreements for the Recreation Ground, or Campingland.
  • The Committee will promote the Open Spaces land via the Swaffham Newsletter, the Town Council website and social media.
  • The Committee shall initiate and/or manage recreation, community services, sports and leisure opportunities and/or facilities in line with the Swaffham Neighbourhood Plan. To also promote/liaise with services such as Schools, Youth and Health/Wellbeing Groups.
  • The Committee shall initiate develop and oversee grant applications for improvement projects; followed by project management for the delivery, if the application is successful. Match funding for such projects would need to be approved by the full Council, as would any expenditure that would add to future revenue costs.
  • NON-VOTING ADVISORY REPRESENTATIVE MEMBERS and/or INVITEES: SCALGA/Allotment Rep, ESCAPE Project, Health Forum, Iceni Youth Groups, Residential areas close to facilities and/or interested members of the public.