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Swaffham Town Council

Council Meetings

Council meetings - summary in diary for 2017

Meeting Mtg dates Council Member Council attendees Guest attendees



  • Monthly 2nd Wednesday
  • 6.30pm - 9.00pm

11th Jan

8th Feb

8th Mar

12th Apr

10th May

14th Jun

12th Jul

9th Aug

13th Sept

11th Oct

8th Nov

13th Dec

All 13 Councillors

Chaired by the Mayor

• Breckland District Council - Cllr Ian Sherwood

• Norfolk County Council - Cllr Ed Colman

• Police Representation

• Press

• Public

Public Open session

• Mayors Report

• Police & Principle Authority re[ports

• Town Clerk Report

• Finance report

• Correspondence

• Committee & Working Group updates

Full Council


  • Quarterly 3rd Monday
  • 6.30pm - 9.00pm

23rd Jan

24th Apr

24th Jul

30th Oct

All 13 Councillors

Chaired by the Mayor

• Ad Hoc

  • Partners meeting
  • Budget / Finance update



Annually - April

6.30pm - 9.00pm

26th Apr

All 13 Councillors

Chaired by the Mayor


• Partners - ESCAPE/FOSO/Green Britain Centre/Garden Science Trust

• Iceni Partnership

• Schools

• Town Team

• Swaffham Trade Association (STA)

• Community Group updates

• Swaffham Town Council report

• Mayors Annual Report & overview of the year

• Public Open Session



Monthly 3rd


12noon - 1pm

31st Jan

28th Feb

28th Mar

25th Apr

27th Jun

25th Jul

29th Aug

26th Sept

31st Oct

28th Nov

19h Dec

Council Committee members:

Cllr P Darby (Chairman),

Cllr J Skinner,

Cllr R Bartram,

Cllr B Bowler,

Cllr J Buckley-Stevens,

Cllr C Houghton,

Cllr L Scott

• Ad Hoc invitees

• Planning Applications - consultation only

• Neighbourhood Plan



bi-monthly 3rd Monday

6.30pm - 9.00pm

20th Feb

10th Apr

19th Jun

14th Aug

16th Oct

18th Dec

Council Committee members:

Cllr S Lister (Chairman),

Cllr P Darby,

Cllr J Skinner,

Cllr R Bartram,

Cllr A Thorp, 

Cllr S Allen,

Cllr T Jennison

• Market Trader Representatives

• Local Business Representatives

•• Market Management & related topics

• Updates form local business representatives: Saturday Market; Friday Market; Farmers & Craft Market, Poultry Auction; Swaffham Trade Association; Old School site

Open Spaces


bi-monthly 3rd Wednesday

6.30pm - 9.00pm

18th Jan

15th Mar

17th May

19th Jul

20th Sept

15th Nov

Council Committee Member:

Cllr J Skinner (Chairman),

Cllr P Darby,

Cllr S Lister,

Cllr W Bensley,

Cllr B Bowler,

Cllr C Houghton

Working Group



• Town Clerk Report - recreation ground; open spaces and play areas

• Allotments


• Current Projects: Skate Park, MUGA

Relief in Need

bi-monthly3rd Monday

6.45pm - 7.30pm

CLOSED Meeting

16th Jan

20th Mar

15th May

17th Jul

18th Sept

20th Nov

Council Appointed Trustees:

Cllr P Darby,

Cllr J Skinner,

Cllr T Jennison,

Cllr S Matthews,

Mr D Cannon (Chairman),

Mr P Ison

Co-opted Trustees -

Mr N Ashford, 

Mrs R Noble,

Cllr J Buckley-Stevens

Mr J Reed

• Review and approve applications to support local residents in need