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Planning & Built Environment Committee

Consisting of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor as ex-officio members, plus five Councillors

  • The Planning & Built Environment Committee to meet monthly (or as and when required), to ensure that comments are returned to Breckland Council within the 21 days consultation cycle. In certain circumstances this period can be extended to coincide with scheduled Committee meetings.
  • The Committee could decide to call a site meeting to discuss the merits of a planning application during the consultation process.
  • The Committee should where possible try to gather public opinion for planning applications prior to considering the application at a Committee meeting.
  • Delegated authority is given to the Committee to consider and comment on ALL planning applications, all Pre-Application discussions with prospective developers, conduct Section 106 & Section 38 legal agreement negotiations and infrastructure issues for future or on-going planning applications.


  • Individual Councillors can make a request to the Planning Committee to 'call in' a specific Planning Application which they feel should be dealt with by the full Council; providing they do not have a pecuniary interest in the application.
  • In the majority of cases most Planning Applications will be dealt with at Planning Committee meetings but there could be issues or application where the Planning Committee may wish to refer an application to a full Council meeting.
  • In the event of 8.6 or 8.7, the Committee Chairman or the Town Clerk (Vice Chair or Deputy Clerk in their absence) could decide to invite ALL Councillors to fully participate in any large application or potentially controversial application (i.e. to speak & vote on the said planning application only), at a Planning Committee meeting, in order to meet the consultation time limits imposed by Breckland Council.
  • The Committee can delegate a member or officer to represent the Council at a Breckland Council Planning Committee meeting, to give the agreed comments and answer questions on a specific planning application.
  • Similarly, the Local Planning Authority Breckland Council may organise site meetings at which the Town Council may wish to be represented, this task is delegated to the Planning Committee to ensure that representation (if required) takes place.
  • The Committee will deal with responding to consultation documents on any proposed or recommended National and Local Policy changes or reviews. i.e. Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plan, Spatial Strategies, Minerals & Waste Plans, Regional Plans, Heritage Buildings and Conservation Areas etc.
  • The Planning Committee need to take account of the Neighbourhood Plan Policies, which carry the same weight as the Breckland Local Plan.
  • NON-VOTING ADVISORY REPRESENTATIVES or INVITEES: Could include Swaffham Heritage and the Breckland Historic Buildings Consultant/Conservation Officer.