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Swaffham Town Council

Swaffham CP
Address St Peter & St Pauls Church Swaffham
Description T1 - Common Lime - Re-pollard at 7-8 metres. large weighted limbs over path T5 - Common Lime - Re-pollard at 7-8 metres, exposed areas of heart wood T6 - Common Lime - Re-pollard and reshape at 6-7 metres. large areas of exposed heartwood on stems and large pruning wounds with cavities T7 - Common Lime - Re-pollard at 6-7 metres, large cavity at base, large weighted limbs overhanging path T8 - Re-pollard at 7-8 metres T10 - common lime - Reduce to a monolith at 3.5 metre, small ganoderma visible decay on top side of crotch to lower limb overhanging path T26 - sycamore - reduce outer branches by 2 metres to give clearance from neighbouring house, leaving approx. 3-4 metres
Status TPO Work Consent
Decision TPO Work Consent
Received Date 6 Feb 18
Updated Date
Validated Date 6 Feb 18
Full Details Full Details