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Bowls England Playing Rules

Covid 19 Bowls England Rules


Rink must be pre booked.

3 Rinks per session

2 mats and 2 jacks per rink

One player handles the mat the other player handles the jacks for the entire game.

2 players per rink only, unless a family group.

No markers No spectators allowed

Do not arrive early and leave promptly. (stay in car until allocated time)

On arrival clean key pad if used.

Close gate behind you.

Use outside WC to wash hands on arrival and exit.

Clean WC handles and taps after use .

Please bring your own towel to dry hands.

Rink numbers will be displayed on white board.

Play away from club house.

Only use your own woods, avoid measuring or touching your opponents woods.

Take paper and pen for scoring.
Club house and changing rooms will be closed.
Take your rubbish home.
Use of gloves and masks is highly recommended
Return gate and WC key to key box if necessary.
Scramble and clean key pad.
Members must abide by the rules you are responsible for your safety.