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Thames Valley Farmers Market Co-operative

Our Patrons

Raymond Blanc OBE

  • Raymond Blanc is totally self-taught. Today he is one of the country's most respected chefs. Born in Besancon, the capital of the Franche Comte region in eastern France, between Burgundy and the Jura mountains. Raymond was inspired by the local terroir, and most of all by his mother, the formidable Maman Blanc who used fresh, local and seasonal produce to produce meals for her family full of goodness and full of love. Raymond Blanc stated "TVFM Co-operative is a crucial link in the chain reconnecting the consumer to the soil, traditions and foodways of the region in which we live. I support them wholeheartedly." For further information on Raymond Blanc please have a look at his website: http://www.raymondblanc.com/

Antony Worrall Thompson

  • Antony, known affectionately as AWT, is passionate about local food for local people. He lives with his family in South Oxfordshire, grows his own vegetables and herbs, and keeps Middle White pigs and some hens. Antony's passion for local food means that he supports Thames Valley Farmers' Market Co-operative markets. He shops at our markets for family meals and helps secure local publicity too - thank you Antony.

Sophie Grigson

  • Sophie lives just outside Oxford and she's passionate about local food. "Buying local and seasonal produce is much better value in terms of freshness and intensity of flavour. At Thames Valley Farmers' Markets it's easy to buy what you need, make proper meals and cut down on waste. Choose great bargains such as the full of flavour cuts of meat which make delicious comfort food."