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The Chapbook

About Us

The Chapbook is a space for sharing, remembering, commenting and exchanging views, tit-bits, bon mots and other jollification.  It is the take on the world of a small collective of 'auld geezers' all in their mid 60s with half a lifetime or more experience of work (mostly social work with the odd scientist), politics, football, real ale, adventures and travel.  Its for our amusement but any and all are welcome to drop in and leave comments (especially welcome are would be apprentice members who will probably have shared part of the lives or experiences of some or all of us here.  This is the third attempt to launch such a site so lets hope the old saw is true.


Orwell's image is in tribute to his clarity of expression and vision (and the odd eccentricity which makes him human).  Like all of us a democratic socialist and a lover of good English pub.  The others in the pantheon of images are some of those we respect or engage with.  The short video was taken during one of the 'auld geezers' European symposiums in Amsterdam a few years ago.  More representative musings will be added over time.

The auld geezers in Amsterdam 2010