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The Lilleshall Plan

The Process

The Neighbourhood Planning Process shown in the route map below, can appear to be complex and convoluted. It can, however, be described in four basic stages

  1. Organise a planning group, and develop a good understanding of the requirements and constraints for producing a Neighbourhood Plan
  2. Gather as much information as possible about the area covered by the plan, and build up an evidence base to establish the needs and requirements for the plan area; in our case Lilleshall Parish.
  3. Using the evidence base, produce the aims and objectives of the plan, develop the aims and objectives into policies specific to the neighbourhood, and compile the policies to produce the Neighbourhood Plan. At the same time we must justify the policies with the gathered evidence.
  4. The final stage is to have the Plan approved by an independent examiner, before it is put to the community to approve (or otherwise) in a referendum.

Once this process is completed, the Plan is adopted by Telford & Wrekin Borough Council and the policies must be applied when considering planning applications within the parish.

As our plan will be at the ground floor level of the national planning policy hierarchy, the planning team must recognise the requirements of two other primary documents

  1. The Telford & Wrekin Local Plan, which sets out the council’s planning policies up to 2013
  2. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which is the government’s rules and requirements for anyone developing a planning policy document; including neighbourhood plans

---At the present time (November 2016) the planning group are working towards completion of stage 2 with the issue of residents’ survey

If you would like further information about the Local Plan, this can be found on the Telford & Wrekin web site. Details of the National Planning Policy Framework can be found by a google search for NPPF