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The Lilleshall Plan

Using This Web Site

Firstly :-

As this site covers many issues and will grow to contain a large volume of data, we thought a little bit of guidance would help anyone who may not be familiar the Neighbourhood Planning Process, which probably covers all of us.

The Main Index is a series of tabs on the About Us page. Click on a tab and you will enter a summary page outlining the contents of that particular section of the site, along with a list of sub-sections which provide further information. If you Hold your cursor over the down arrow on the Main Index tab you will see a dropdown list of the related sub-sections, enabling you to go directly to that sub-section. Sorry, going directly to a sub-section does not win you £200, and as you have already got this far, you seem to have the hang of it.

The Tabs :-

  • History - Includes information about Lilleshall Parish from various archives, web sites and documents, ranging from the Doomsday Book to the formation of the current parish council
  • The Process - Covers the steps we must go through to develop our plan and the hurdles we must clear to gain final approval
  •  Overview of The Plan - Is aimed at providing a view of the ideas, policies and schemes under consideration for inclusion in the Plan. This section will grow steadily as ideas are publicised and developed following feed-back from the community to the planning group. Feedback can be in any form a person wishes; it may be formally, through questionnaires, public forums, parish council meetings, or simply be electors passing on a message to the Parish Clerk.
  • Community Involvement - Covers how we will gather information, organise events and inform the electorate of what is included in the plan, and why it is included.
  • Partners - Includes all organisations providing support to the planning group including neighbouring parishes who may have an interest in our proposals. This section will also include correspondence with our partners.
  • Documents - Is an archive of all information gathered by the planning group, along with meeting notes, forum agendas, results of  surveys and questionnaires, and any further information which does not come within the sections listed above.
  • Events - Provides diary dates for planned events over the coming months
  • News - Will cover anything special which may impact upon developing the plan as it occurs.



The Lilleshall Plan Using This Web Site