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The Parish of Knights Enham

Development Update

Development Update – February/March 2013

In October 2012 there was a church consultation about the plans to re-develop the balcony area, which showed that roughly 90% of people were in favour of a balcony development for both the side balcony and the front balcony.

In response in November the PCC agreed the plans (on this board), with the condition that a second set of stairs were included and necessary fire protection was in place. Also that any major changes to the design would be consulted on.

January 2013: The PCC agreed to set aside £20,000 of Church and Church Centre funds for the development (which still leave us with enough to cover ongoing costs and a good amount for contingencies).

End of January a bid was submitted to the Hampshire County Council ‘Community Buildings Fund’ for £12,500. The decision as to whether we have got it will be at the end of March 2013.

End of February: 2 sets of costings have been sent in for the main building work of the development, coming within budget at approximately £78,000 7th March

February/March 2013: Hampshire County Council have awarded us £12,500 to extend the balcony.

This, along with £20,000 the PCC put aside for the development, means we now have £32,500 in total.

September 2013: The New Room is complete and ready to use! It is approximately 5½m x 8m and can hold 25 people (14 if sat at tables). It has a kitchenette which includes kettle, fridge, sink along with mugs etc (no cooker). It also has a projector screen installed - and a projector is available upon request. Have a look at our Gallery to see the progress throughout the project.

November 2013: We have applied for grants from Aster Communities to install the projector and hopefully speakers as well as a stairlift. Next year we will be looking at fundraising for Phase 2 of the development – creating 2 new siderooms on the left balcony and a new set of stairs on the right side.