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The Parish of Knights Enham

Pastoral Care and Special Occasions

The Church represents the presence of God in every place, and at the heart of every community.  And the Church’s ministry seeks to live out God’s love and care for all people, whatever our circumstances, and in whatever situation.  In addition to the important life events of Baptism, Weddings and Funerals, the Church offers many different types of pastoral services, all of which are free, and are available on request.

Do you wish to celebrate something; to mark a particular event in your life; to have a home blessed; to be visited at home or in hospital?  All these are offered.

Clergy and Readers are trained in pastoral care and spiritual discernment, and will always offer a listening ear and guidance where requested, but if it becomes apparent that more specific professional help is needed, people are encouraged to seek it.  Such ministry is not exclusively limited to clergy.

Nearly everyone cares pastorally for their family and friends, and some lay people from the Church are also trained in visiting the sick and the lonely, and in listening skills, and can be called upon if requested.

We have a team of trained Pastoral Assistants who can be called upon if requested.  If you would like a visit from any of these people, please contact a member of the ministry team.

If you would like a visit from any of these people, please contact the Team Rector.

Here are some of the Pastoral Opportunities that are available:

Renewal of Marriage Vows/Celebration of Anniversaries

Did you know that you can mark your Anniversary in a very special way – with a Renewal of Marriage Vows?  This can be either a private occasion, or invite family and friends.  It is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to God for the gift of one another and the years of marriage, and to lift the future before God as well.

Blessing of a home

Perhaps you have just moved and, anticipating a new phase in life, you would like your home blessed?  Perhaps you have been through an unhappy time, or you know that difficult events have taken place in the house.  In the blessing of a home, we pray for God’s Spirit to be present in each part of the house and to bless all who live there.

Home Communion

If you’ve been used to receiving Communion, but for whatever reason are unable to come to Church to do so, either permanently or for a period of time, please do contact a member of the ministry team to request Home Communion.  They take Communion every month to a number of people within the parish and are very happy to do so.

Visiting in Hospital

The Vicar is always willing to visit parishioners when in hospital.  However, the Data Protection Act means that hospitals are no longer allowed to inform clergy of parishioners in hospital unless the patient specifically requests it.  So there is no way we can know that anyone is hospital unless told.  If you would like a visit, just ask.  We will be delighted to pop in for an informal chat – and to pray with anyone if they so wish.

Home Visits

If you wish the ministry team, or someone from the Church, to visit you at home for any reason, please ask. 


Every one of us has things in our lives of which we are guilty and ashamed.  Sometimes, guilt can be a great burden, which can be profoundly relieved by the sacrament of confession, and the assurance of God’s forgiveness.  This sacrament is offered as a matter of course in the Roman Catholic Church, but has always been available as well in the Anglican Church.  If you would like to explore the possibility of confession, please ask.

In all the above, the principle of absolute confidentiality applies in any pastoral encounter between clergy and their parishioners.

For any of the pastoral services, please contact: Revd Andrew Ashdown, 1 Ryon Close, Andover, Hampshire SP10 4DG  Tel: 01264-357032