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The Plantation Wood Ellesmere

About Us

The Plantation Wood (Ellesmere) About Us

Plantation Wood Ellesmere

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The Plantation Wood Ellesmere Group are a registered Charity which has been formed by, and for members of the community with the purpose of "Preserving and Maintaining Plantation Wood for the benefit of the community now, and for future generations".

The aims and objectives of this organisation shall be:

2.1 To preserve and protect the Plantation’s natural habitat, and green space where possible.

2.2 To work with the community to assist in addressing key environmental issues within the Plantation.

2.3 To ensure that a Tree surveyor checks the state of the Plantation on a   regular basis in line with best practice. Recommendations to be followed where legally required with best practice. 

2.4 To preserve and maintain the key existing public footpaths that directly link the Mere, Castle Fields, and its car park, through the Plantation and access to the Canal, recognising the important amenity to Ellesmere that this path provides.

2.5 To use the plantation as an educational resource for the people of Ellesmere.

2.6 To provide equal access opportunities for all in the community to get involved in The Plantation Wood Ellesmere Groups activities.

2.7 To work with the local community, Shropshire Council and other organisations to advance common goals and assist where possible to achieve them.

2.8 To provide access with a safe, clean and green path network for all to use.

2.9 To provide appropriate guidance as required for all involved in the organisation’s activities and projects.

2.10 The Plantation Wood Ellesmere Committee will celebrate successes of the local people and community organisations whose small actions make the biggest difference.

2.11 To further such other appropriate charitable purposes as the trustees, at their discretion, may determine.


Charity Number 1175383.