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Allotment Bench

17th May update

Since writing this article in March (scroll down) about the allotment bench, the lady has contacted me and asked if I could in fact now varnish the said bench.

This meant dismantling the bench back to the component parts giving them two coats of varnish and putting them back together. The item was delivered today and left at her front doorstep.

I have since received the following email from the lady which reads as follows:-

Hi Albi
Thanks so much for delivering the fabulous bench today it is even better than in the pictures.
Thanks again.

26th March 2020:

During the latter part of January this year a lady visited the shed carrying what I now know as the top rails of a seat. The lady asked me if there was any way we could put legs onto this so called seat.

I informed the lady that it would first need considerable time to dry out but felt we could make something of it.

After four plus weeks the timber was almost dry but on inspection found the timber to be very soft and not really fit for purpose.

Luckily the shed had received a few large pieces of joist timber of which were suitable for the legs and with a few 4” x 2” reclaimed timbers the job could be complete.

Then came this dreaded virus which closed the Fire Service facilities for the Shedders and unfortunately the following week saw the stop to meeting for all concerned.

I took home all the necessary timber and set to in my shed at home to make what I feel is a silk purse out of a sows ear.

The finished article has been left in its raw state as the lady wants to paint it herself.

I have spoken to the lady and sent her photos of the finished item as she knows she can not have it until things get back to normal.

She was over the moon with the article now finished.