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Bird Table

Phil was recently contacted by a lady with whom he'd had contact in the past.

She asked whether The RWB Shed might be able to make a freestanding bird table for her . The obvious answer was 'Yes', but then she added some conditions. The conditions were that the table needed to be of such construction so as to not be affected by the wind and not be blown over.

Well unfortunately no freestanding bird table can ever be windproof unless it's bolted to the ground, but then of course it's no longer truly freestanding. 

However, it could be made of a size and construction to minimise the risks.

She agreed for construction to proceed. The base was made as big as proportions would allow and suitably braced with angled struts. The top portion was reinforced as much as possible, so that should the worst happen then any ensuing damage might be limited.

The table stands around 1.75 metres high (5' 10") is very sturdy and the lady was extremely pleased with the finished result.