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Bowl sander and scroll saw

20th Nov 2020 - Article written by Steve Hares

Bowl Sander

As you know, I’ve been getting into using the lathe more & more. For the bowls, it is recommended that you use a bowl sander for the final sanding down. So, after looking around at various designs, I have made one. Just need to make another bowl to test it out. Fortunately, I have been lent a ‘Record’ lathe to use for a few months. Unsure of what wood it is as I just used a couple of pieces that were handy.

Scroll saw

I have also been looking at getting a scroll saw. I saw a design on ‘YouTube’ and thought I would give it a go. It’s powered by a cordless drill and told me 4 days to complete. It’s not been tested in anger yet, but it should work OK. Made from 3/4 “ plywood except for the 2 arms which are Oak and were supplied by Phil. The blade is from a ‘coping saw’ and has cost appro £35 to make. Quite a saving.

The Scroll Saw working