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Broad Town School Finger Post Sign

10th May 2019

Early in 2019 the RWB Shed received a request from the Broad Town Primary School headteacher, Ms Bridget Long, to produce for the school a signpost with four ‘fingers’ onto which they could hang distances to various world locations according to places being discussed in lessons.

The chairman of RWB Shed, Albi Richardson, met with Ms Long to discuss requirements and the project was set in motion.
Design plans were drawn up and presented to the school, the design was finalised and the materials sourced.

The school chose Option 5 for the pointers.

On behalf of the RWB Shed, Phil Howell took on the project with the principal object of smoothing all of the timber so as to not risk splinters for the students. It was also decided to paint the components rather than apply stain.

Once the components were prepared, the school determined the eventual location and Installation was started.
With the design for the finger boards decided they were shaped, sanded, painted & installed.

The finished project was received by a very pleased Head Teacher Bridget Long, with Albi & Phil.