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Call Sign

16th Sept 2020

The RWB Shed was recently contacted by a local resident who asked if we might be able to help in the production of a birthday present for his father.

His father had recently been awarded his amateur radio licence (ham radio) and as is tradition, amateur radio enthusiasts have small wall mounted plaques to denote their call sign as well as when it was established.

When looking to buy a plaque for his dad, he couldn't find anything suitable in the UK. There are laser etched versions available in the USA, but production and shipping costs made buying one prohibitive.

He therefore turned to the RWB Shed for help. Phil took on the project and whilst the Shed does not have laser etching facilities another suggestion was put to the resident, who liked the idea and accepted.

The plaque was produced in oak and the finished item coated in several layers of varnish.

The resident is overjoyed with the final product and we just hope his Dad is as happy as well.

Happy birthday, Dad!