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Chairs & 3 Tier Planter

10th April 2020

We were recently contacted by a member of the community offering The RWB Shed some timber for reclaim. We gladly accepted and Albi & I went along to collect it.

Whilst we were there, the lady asked about the projects we undertake and said she'd seen the output on the website & Facebook page. It gives you a nice feeling inside when someone you've never met before comments on the quality and variety of the finished work completed by our members.

As she is a gardener, she also mentioned wanting a planter to be positioned at the front of her house. Needless to say, we offered to make one. However, she said, this isn't a normal planter and produced a diagram of the design she wanted. Although she thought this was a very unusual design, it turned out to be a very straightforward 3-tier staggered planter. A quick discussion confirmed the required finished size.

Phil took on this project as it is lovely to be given a commission but even nicer when the client really loves it.

Also whilst we were there, we were asked if we could refurbish some old cast iron bench ends. Albi agreed to take on this part of the project. The ends have been cleaned, sanded down, painted with black Hammerite, had new oak timbers cut drilled and varnished and then fitted together creating two lovely chairs. 

An email has been now received to say she was really pleased with the workmanship of the RWB Shed.