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Christmas Grotto

Due to a disaster in December last year when the Christmas Grotto was hired by RWB Town Council and it ended up in pieces all over the M25 motorway, the Council at the beginning of January 2019 decided to ask the RWB Shed if they could make a shed come grotto for them in order to save on hiring one and transporting it from far afield.

RWB Shed member Albi went to a meeting in January and it was soon established that in fact it would be cheaper to ask Bulldog Sheds and Fencing to make a purpose built Grotto to our specification.

A design was concocted and taken to a meeting with RWB Town Council, who agreed to the design. Albi took the design to Bulldog Sheds for them to work out a competitive quote. Following this RWB Town Council agreed to the purchase of the shed, double doors on the front with a Georgian style window on either side.

In due course the shed was delivered to the Council Grounds Unit and was erected to see how the grotto was to be erected. The grotto now needed a ramp making to allow wheelchairs and pushchairs to enter and leave, together with a roof to fit snugly over the double doors when at right angle to the grotto.

RWB Shed members set to, to create the ramp together with non-slip treads for health & safety reasons and also make the roof which fitted on top of the double doors when opened.

With the added parts fitted and looking good it was now down to the Council staff to set about decking out the interior to meet the needs of a real grotto.

The pictures prove testimony to all the hard work put in by the RWB Shed members and RWB Town Council staff alike.

The main picture shows the Grotto at the 29th November 2019 Christmas Lights Event.