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Covid-19 Lockdown Projects

Since the Covid-19 lock commenced towards the end of March 2020, The decision was taken to suspend activities at the shed. 

We are fortunate that many of our members have their own facilities and therefore the lockdown has not stopped those members from doing what they love.

Although it has not been possible to get together socially, we have been able to 'get together' with the help of email and social media.

Whilst some of our RWB Shed projects have been able to be completed using our members own facilities, many items have been produced as personal items and as such the descriptions are written by our shedders in their own words, to be read by our shedders.

Links to some those items are shown bellow


Geff's Stool April 2020

Mike's Planter April 2020

Steve's Projects April 2020

Phil's Planters

Albi's Garden & Workshop

James' Patio May 2020

Albi's lockdown projects June 2020

Bowl sander and scroll saw 20th November 2020

Dremel box and chisel case 12th November 2020

More lockdown and shed projects 26th September 2020

Various Project Items 3rd September 2020

Steves' Turned & Resined work January 2021

Workshop Enhancement January 2021

Quilting Ladder February 2021

Collapsible Pet Run March 2021

Phils' Wood Turning Projects April 2021

In addition to those projects reported here, other projects were undertaken as normal shed projects but handled by members in their own workshops and reported through the normal project pages.