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Doggy Box

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if the Shed could make a box to go on his daughter's garden wall, to house all the paraphernalia that goes with their dog. Namely, lead; ball thrower; balls; and poo-bags. He provided a sketch of what he wanted, with a couple of cupboards and a compartment that you could put a ball in a hole at the top and a place at the bottom to take them out. The idea of the latter was that there could be a good supply of balls zig-zagging down, giving them time to dry out between uses.

Raiding the stock of plywood at the shed yielded most of the wood required and one shedder donated some nice new plywood for the front and three brass hooks. 

The photos show the result. This was given to our ‘client’ who was sufficiently delighted with the result to make a donation towards our running costs.

We’re calling it a ‘Doggy Box’. Alternatively, ‘Doggy McDog Case'...


Author: John Loran