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Finch & Robin Nest Boxes

Following on from the making of the Rustic Milk Stool, the recipient was so pleased with its outcome, that she asked if we could provide her with some nest boxes.

We obviously responded in the affirmative and it turned out that she required six nest boxes. She required four suitable for Finches and two suitable for Robins.

Some quick research determined that Finches require standard type nest boxes with a circular entrance at the front, while Robins prefer a half open style front, but with a slightly deeper internal area.

The shed had been given some solid Oak strip ‘click together’ flooring that would be suitable for the boxes, so a dozen pieces were joined by glueing to get the required width before being cut to size.

The Finch box lids were then hinged for cleaning purposes, by using strip rubber. The Robin boxes don't need that facility.

The front signs were created on a Laser burner and attached to the front of each box to advertise the RWB Shed.