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Garden Bench Refurbisment

We were recently contacted by a local couple who asked whether we might consider refurbishing a cast iron and timber garden bench.

Our chairman, Albi Richardson, replied to the enquiry and asked for a little more information about the bench such as sizes and whether we could have some photos of its current condition.

The photos came back and a 'smart alec' suggested it would be better to just put it in the skip!

To say it was in need of some considerable TLC was a bit of an understatement. 

The 'before' photos show its condition.

Albi did the appropriate costing and presented it to the couple. We felt sure they would reject it as being too costly. However they in fact agreed to the costing and asked when we could collect it.

It transpires that sentimental value is attached to the bench, having been purchased some many years ago by the lady's parents and with her father now deceased, wanted it brought back to a better condition for her mother to remember times gone by.

She asked for the ironwork to be in a blue and we settled for an Oxford blue, with new hardwood Sapele slats treated with Tung oil.

As Phil is the only member with a trailer, he was dispatched to collect the bench and return it to his workshop for disassembly. With its condition, it didn't take much disassembly. 

Albi ordered all the materials. He cleaned and painted the cast iron and oiled the new hardwood timber slats. They were then returned to Phil’s workshop for reassembly and return to the owners.

I think it needless to say that they were very pleased with its refurbished condition, even going as far as to ask whether we had actually purchased a new replacement!