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Welcome to The Royal Wootton Bassett Shed


A shed has been a place for men to escape the stress and strains of life; a safe place to gain sanity; to be surrounded by his own, useful things; a place to make things, or to mend things, not to mention new inventions.

Now men/women can pursue their interests and also develop new ones, and by being part of a unique group, can feel useful, fulfilled with a sense of belonging

Belonging to a “Men's Shed” one can feel at home and pursue interests which can be practical or otherwise with a high degree of self satisfaction.

A Men's Shed offers men and women the ability to share tools and resources and all they need to work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly atmosphere. They are places of skill-sharing and individual learning, from those with the necessary skill sets of individual pursuits and community projects,  not to mention the much needed social interaction.

How individual sheds look and thrive depends on the activities that take place in them, this is usually down to the skills and interests of its members. Most men’s sheds are all about making things out of wood. Whilst many sheds do, there is also a huge array of other sharing activities on offer. Shedders are collectors, excellent story-tellers, train spotters, model makers and so much more….. so if you are encouraged to join you too could add you own expertise to the mix of your local “Men’s Shed”



RWB Shed