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Albi's lockdown projects

June 2020

After watching Steve make a wonderful knife I thought I would have a go using all different types of wood, as George Formby said “Turned out nice ent it”.

I was gifted some pre-used slate tiles and with some judicious cutting and work I managed to create some cheese boards. These come in two sizes, small & large.

Whilst working with the slate and with the resurgence of the enjoyment of 'Afternoon Tea' I decided to try my hand at building a cake stand. I think the result is rather good.

Whilst on the subject of cake stands and with the success of fabricating the knives, I wondered whether other kitchen utensils could be built. The cake slices shown have worked out rather well.

All of the above items are available to purchase. Details can be found in our catalogue or by emailing The RWBShed