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Machine Trollies

8th September2020

Because we work outdoors, all of our kit has to be carefully packed away every time we use it so that we can fit it the small operational area we have available.

As none of us are getting any younger, it can be quite strenuous and back-breaking to keep lifting heavy machinery in and out.

Albi also has limited space in his workshop and uses self manufactured trollies to hold the machines a well as move them about. 

After chatting, it was agreed that he'd use his design to build us some trollies to fit all of our large machines so that they can be wheeled out and wheeled away at the end of the day. The kit has been mounted in such a way so that the trollies can be put away in a particular order so that the fit together and minimise wasted floor space.

Phil and Albi have been to the shed today and fitted all the machines onto the said benches and they are now ready for use.

Hopefully this will make life so much easier.

Update: The trollies have now been in use for some time and have proved to be extremely beneficial.