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Nationwide Building Society

2nd January 2020

When an employee of The Nationwide Building Society, keen on conservation and who happens to live in RWB, heard about The Shed, he was given approval to contact The Shed to see if we could help with wildlife accommodations.

Following the initial communication three members from the shed visited their Headquarters in Swindon to discuss options for their extensive site including woodlands. At the end of the meeting it was decided that there was a need for some twenty bird boxes to be erected around the site.

Some time after the meeting the shed was contacted and asked if we could create the bird boxes and supply to Nationwide through their landscape team 'Westlea Landscaping Limited'.

We were also asked if we could paint them “green” in colour and install numbers on them. The idea behind the numbering being that members of staff, when walking the paths around the site, could identify the boxes with habitants.

Phil carried out all the work on making these wonderful boxes which were delivered to 'Westlea' on Thursday 2nd January. (Many thanks Phil for a job well done)

Hopefully the first of many projects we undertake in 2020.