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Old Bank Antiques - Coin Slopes

Early September, Albi, our shed Chairman, was contacted by Old Bank Antiques in Royal Wootton Bassett, who asked whether the shed might be willing and able to consider a project involving displays in the shop.

Albi and Phil went along to discuss the requirements, which turned out to be Coin Slopes.

The store uses industry flat trays which hold 40 coins in individual compartments. However, when on display in the cabinets they, as you would imagine, lay flat. The project was therefore to produce a sloping stand which wasn't too high at the rear, but high enough to allow a better view of the coins, but also light enough to be able to be relocated when being used at trade fairs. They also need to be of a suitable size that would allow two trays to be situated side by side in the display cabinet. It was also agreed that the finished design would be stained and waxed, using the products that had been utilised elsewhere throughout the store and that that process would be undertaken by the store themselves.

After a short discussion discussing various ideas, a suggested design was agreed upon.

Phil, back in the workshop, made a prototype of the suggested design and took it to the clients for discussion. Actually seeing the prototype in situ it was agreed that with a few minor ‘tweaks’, it would work well.

Old Bank Antiques confirmed that they would like 20 of the trays for their display cabinets and so the material quantities were calculated accordingly and acquired.

Albi and Phil set about producing the component parts and assembling them and then took them along to the shop where the recipients were very pleased with end result.