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Old Court Pre School

23rd January 2020: Old Court Pre School

Towards the end of 2019, The RWB Shed were contacted by Debbie from Old Court Pre-school after being pointed in our direction by RWB Town Council.

The Pre-school asked if we would be able to help create a small outdoor "stage" where the children could participate in plays or presentations or similar.

Albi took the lead and to be fair, did most of the work, associated with the stage.

The requirement was for an area 6ft (1.8m) x 5ft (1.5m) in timber, with a hand rail to the rear.

After discussion it was felt a Fence style balustrade would be safer than just a hand rail and so the eventual design was born.

The 'picket fence' was painted in different colours as a learning aid and adding the lettering served a similar purpose. As the stage was to be outdoors, it was treated with a slip resistant decking stain.

The overall design and finish was received with much enthusiasm by the school staff and if treated carefully, should last the school for some years to come.

So here we are some time later with what we feel is an excellent job, and shows off the talents of the shed members.

Well done to those members actively involved in creating a masterpiece.