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Phils' Woodturning projects

I've had a wood turning lathe for some years, but for one reason or another I'd not used it for some time.

With Steve getting into it in a big way (see his projects elsewhere) it rekindled my enthusiasm once more.

I'd always been interested in getting a gavel, don't ask me why, it was just one of those things! So, why not have a go at making one.

I found some light oak and with a certain degree of trepidation, having not done this for some time I started the process.

I must admit, that I impressed myself with the outcome and am very pleased indeed. It has been treated with a coating of Danish Oil and will sit on our welsh dresser as just a display item.


Whilst turning the gavel, it became apparent that I was having difficulty selecting the various gouges I needed because of the way I had them stored. After a quick discussion with Steve, it was decided to built a purpose built caddy mounted on a 'lazy susan' turntable.

The end result certainly makes life easier.