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Purton Millennium Garden

In 2000, a group of people set up the Purton Millenium Garden, a small area in Purton for remembrance.

In 2019 the RWB Shed was asked if they could refurbish the garden bench. That project can be seen here.

The trustees contacted the RWB Shed again recently and asked if we would be able to build a number of items for the garden. Our secretary, Steve Hares, took the lead on this and liaised with the trustees as to their requirements. 

This turned out to be a herb planter, a trellis for their Clematis and some Signage.

The team was assembled and work undertaken in Phil’s workshop.

Discussions of the requirements crystallised the plans and construction commenced.

The herb planter was to be a 5 bay stepped structure with some of the bays having restricted depth to limit the amount of growing medium required.

The trellis was an obelisk design to be held in place by an in situ drive-in spike. In addition it would hold a refurbished presentation plaque from a previous damaged structure.

For the Signage, it was decided to try and be a little 'arty'. The lettering would be routed out, then filled with a coloured epoxy resin. The result proved to be very good.

In addition, the trustees thought the items to be 'superb' and were very pleased with the end result.

The photographs show the items in various stages of construction, installation and in finished position.