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RBL Garden of Remembrance Benches

In December 2022, The RWB Shed was asked by the Royal Wootton Bassett branch of the Royal British Legion, whether we might undertake the refurbishment of four benches which are housed in their Garden of Remembrance section with the Royal Wootton Bassett cemetery.

Albi and Phil went and did a site survey and agreed that refurbishment was both practical and necessary, indeed some slats were badly warped and in need of replacing.

As winter was setting in it was decided to leave the work until after Christmas, when the conditions might improve sufficiently to allow work to be undertaken.

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council have been extremely generous in allowing The RWB Shed to accommodate the benches whilst they dry out from the prevalent weather conditions, as well as transporting the benches and allowing us to work in the workshop of the RWB Council Grounds Maintenance team. 

Our sincere thanks go to The RWBTC and Bryan and his team for their assistance.

When the weather improved sufficiently, Geff and Phil removed the security from the first two benches and got them relocated to the workshop. They were allowed to dry for some days before Steve and Phil got destructive deconstructive and removed the timber which was damaged and needed replacing. 

A few days after Geff, Theo and Phil set about sanding the benches and applying the first coat of all weather protective treatment. Two days later a second coat was applied.

Allowing some time for the treatment to fully cure, arrangements were made for the grounds maintenance team to bring up the newly refurbished benches and collect the remaining two for the entire process to be repeated.
All four benches are now resecured in their respective locations and look significantly better for the provided TLC.