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Rocking Chair

6th August 2020

On Thursday 30th July a local resident turned up at The Shed with a rocking chair. A truly lovely (and heavy) item which had seen better days. It was given as promised to the current owner who thought it was in one piece but found it was broken into pieces and half decided it was destined for the tip.

She bought it to The Shed and asked if we could rebuild it. When asked if all the pieces were there, she answered 'no'. One of the foot rest stays was missing.

Phil agreed to take on the project.

All of the joints were cleaned of the old cascamite glue and chair reassembled dry. This gave the opportunity to measure between the rocker legs and determine the length of the required new stay. Suitable matching pine was sourced and with the one stay used as a pattern, the new stay was turned on the lathe. Once turned and dry fitted, the new stay was coated with sanding sealer.

All the joints were glued and cramped, with the chair left to dry before being returned to its very happy owner.