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Rustic Milk Stool

Through the email enquiry facility on our website, we recently received a request from a lady in Wootton Bassett for a ‘rustic milk stool’ accompanied by a picture of what she was looking for and a description of why.

'Our Niece has been travelling/working around the world since June last year but is due to return in May for a Summer job in Cornwall to earn much needed funds so can carry on travelling in Sept!

She has arranged for a Yurt to be (available as) her home for 3+ months so wants to decorate it and make it comfortable to her style.

She has been looking for a rustic milk stool to act as her bedside table.

We do prefer to purchase locally or from small businesses so thought of the Men's Shed.

Do you think (it would be possible) to make one for me to gift to my Niece?'

A quick discussion confirmed that it could be done. 

We had some generally suitable wood at the shed, but it wasn’t wide enough for the top. So Phil prepared and jointed pieces to create the necessary width. 

Steve then took on the task of completing the actual build. 

The various sizes of the components were measured, cut, sanded and assembled.

All of the components were assembled with glue  and screws. Wherever a screw could be seen the hole was plugged so as to hide the screw.

To create the more rustic impression, a gas burner was used to create the browned effect.

The end result was similar to the originally provided picture and the lady was extremely pleased with the finished article.