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Steve's Projects

Late April 2020:

Racking for garage roof. As part of my garage sort out, made a rack for the garage ceiling. Gave me a bit more space for other clutter down below! It’s surprising how much extra room it gives you.

Bird cage/feeder. Was getting fed up with the bigger birds nicking all the food so came up with this bird cage with bars hopefully just big enough for the smaller birds to get through. Haven’t put it out yet but will do soon.

2 x outdoor seats renovated. I was given 4 iron ends for 2 benches a while ago. With the summer weather and lockdown, it was now time to start. Wire brushed off and repainted with Hammerite. Pre-treated wooden slats from B&Q, various stainless-steel bolts and washers and job done. Re-slatted (is that a word?)

Wall mounted bottle opener. Seen a couple on people’s walls before lockdown so ordered 2 openers. 1 wall mount complete, 1 to go. The second will be bigger and incorporate a game within it.

Plane. Bought this a couple of years ago but like some things, got put in a cupboard. Found again and completed. No test flight as yet as I keep putting my finger through the tissue. It’s a bit fragile…

Another bottle opener. Haven't tried it yet but the idea is that when the bottle top is taken off, it drops though the pins into one of the receptacles at the bottom. Who knows which one? Just need to add numbers or something at the bottom. The front Perspex slips up in grooves to allow it to be emptied.

Seat and steps. Needed something for in the garage when working at a seated height. They convert from a seat to steps by lifting up and flipping over 1 side of the top. Also put a stabiliser at the back as it was too rocky when standing on it. OK now though.