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The Children's Centre

The RWB Shed were recently contacted by The Children's Centre in Royal Wootton Bassett, to ask if we could survey there outdoor storage shed which had suffered damage during storm Eunice.

On investigation it was quite clear that some of the plastic panels had buckled and the aluminium frame twisted, however we felt that with some judicious action it could be rectified. It would never be perfect, but would still provide the storage required. 

The management team of The Children's Centre decided that a replacement shed, in timber, would be a more substantial and better result, so a replacement shed was sourced and procured. 

The RWB Shed were asked if we could provide the labour to undertake the build.

Geff, Steve and Phil volunteered for the task, which was very much like an IKEA flat pack assembly, but in this instance requiring a number of 'adjustments' !!

It did eventually all fit and was aided by some excellent food and beverage hospitality from the ladies at The Children's Centre.

The following photos show the build process, along with one of 'The A(ssembly) Team'.