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Timber & Planters

3rd July 2020

Some weeks ago, during that devastating period of the Covid 19 pandemic we were asked by Shed member Ted if we wanted any wood as his son Mark had surplus to get rid of, that surplus being from Vastern Timber.

Phil and myself under strict social distancing rules (two cars & a trailer) carried out many trips to Vastern to collect donated timber and deliver it back to Phil’s house for storage etc.

As the amount was vast, I felt it appropriate to offer something in return by way of a couple of bottles of wine to say thank you, which were accepted.

Also, while talking, it was agreed that we would make and donate to Mark two wooden planters.

On speaking to fellow Shed member Steve Hares, he volunteered to create those planters and made an excellent job in the process.

They were duly delivered to Mark at Vastern who was over the moon with them, he told us that he would probably take one home and then leave the other outside his office block so should anybody enquire about them he would direct them our way.

A good all-round result.