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United Reform Church benches

Just after returning to the shed from Covid, we received a call from the United Reform Church in RWB asking if we could produce a seating bench for the church garden. We duly went to see what was being asked of us. It was decided that a bench in the proportions of the allotment bench produced earlier in the year would suffice, this bench to have a name plaque on the front.

Also, whilst there, we were asked to refurbish an original bench which had been there for many years. We said we could take the bench away and look at it to see if we could resurrect it.

It was felt that if it was power washed the whole thing would collapse and leave us with a heap of fire wood.

Phil took to the power washer and low and behold the bench was still standing at the end.

We all consulted and agreed that the bench would require the rotten part of the legs remove and replaced, together with new arms and new slats. Then sanded down and stained to finish.

With the brass plaque highly polished and refitted  the end results were fantastic.

Both benches were  taken back to the church and put in their rightful place in the garden.

Joy  (URC) was so pleased that she even thought that the renovated bench  was a completely new bench.

Thanks to all who took part in its renovations