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Various Project Items

3rd Sept 2020 Article by Steve Hares

Beer Bottle Carrier

It was a friend’s 60th birthday and I wanted to make something special for him. Had some cedar left over. Job done.

Fruit Rack

We had 3 fruit bowls in the kitchen. That took up too much room, so decided to make a rack that had a smaller footprint. Cedar that was left over from Vastern Planters.

Rocking Chair Repair

A lady came into the shed and asked if we could do anything to repair a pine rocking chair that she had just bought. Used the lathe to produce a new rail for the bottom, Unfortunately it was the wrong size though.


Was asked to produce wooden cake knives for the Club Christmas stall (which unfortunately has been cancelled). But carried on with them and they are ready when required. Made from mahogany, oak & cedar (again)


Had an old bradawl for 40+ years that was my grandad’s. After losing it and finding it again, decided to try my hand at making one. Quite pleased with the result and Albi was too. Made from an odd piece of oak.

Milk Bottle Carrier

I live ¼ mile away from a farm that supplies the village with ‘raw milk’. You need your own glass bottles that are constantly falling over in the car. So, as I had already made the beer bottle carrier I just scaled it down for the Milk Bottles. Again cedar.