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Waste Bin Garden Planter

A resident in Royal Wootton Bassett, asked John Loran, one of our shed members, if we could repair her Waste Bin Garden Planter. She had been given it 40yrs ago by a family friend who is sadly no longer with us. Our ‘client' wanted to preserve the memory, but the bin had gotten into very bad condition, with the wood heavily rotten and the bolts rusted.

John had to use an angle grinder to remove the bolts and kept the best slat as a template to cut new ones.

Albi  found a nice block of mahogany and Phil used the table saw to cut correctly sized strips. Using Using the bench circular sander, I shaped the tips and smoothed the sides for each of the 14 pieces. 

The metal-work was galvanised and still in good condition, so I cleaned it thoroughly and gave it a coat of hammerite grey paint.

Marine varnish brought out the beautiful wood grain and gave a high-gloss finish. A trip to the ever useful High Street shop, Rouse’s, secured 14 nuts and bolts of the correct size. Half way through re-assembly, I realised my schoolboy error and returned to Rouse’s for a further 14 nuts and bolts!

The owner was delighted with the result and the bin is now back in pride of place in her garden.