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Wellington Boot Stand

We recently received a contact via the Facebook page of The RWB Shed.

A lady was enquiring as to whether we could make her a wellington boot stand.

Phil took the enquiry and got in touch with her.

Normally, wellington boot stands accommodate 4 or more pairs of boots, but in this instance she wanted it for only two pairs.

This actually caused a slight concern as with the normally larger units there is sufficient weight to create stability. However with only two pair there was likely to be a risk that the unit would be susceptible to tipping over too easily.

To get around this, Phil added weight by using a 75mm square piece of timber below the top shelf thus giving some heft to the stand, as well as adding end caps as legs, so as to increase the bearing surface area. Poles were added to create the supports for the boots.

The finished unit was particularly well received by its new owner.