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The Source Young People's Charity

Anger Management

Our Anger Management project improves mental well-being, develops resilience and increases the self awareness and emotional intelligence of young people who are struggling with difficult emotions or at risk of being excluded from school or college and/or who are likely to offend.

This effective project engages young people one-to-one on a cognitive behavioural course (usually over 8 weeks) and is delivered in local schools as well as at The Source. Our Anger Management service works in consultation with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service). 

The programme helps young people understand, deal with and express their feelings and physical responses to strong emotions, understand how to recognise when they are getting wound up or in a situation that will upset them, how to control their thoughts and actions, how to deal with the 'stuff' that gets backed up inside of them, how to communicate assertively and to ask for what they want. 

Referrals are welcome from any agency, school or organisation working with young people or from young people themselves.
Please contact Sue Evans our Support Services Manager sue.evans@thesourceforyou.co.uk.or complete our get help form and we will be in touch.

We are also renowned for training professionals from external agencies, schools and organisations, as well as volunteers, in delivering Anger Management courses to their own clients and the wider community. 

Please contact Sue Evans, Support Services Manager, on sue.evans@thesourceforyou.co.uk.or complete our get help form and we will be in touch.

Our Anger Management Programme is funded by donations, Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Groups and grants from Awards for All, The Blagrave Trust, The Broadhurst Trust, Community Foundation for Surrey - Dancer Fund and One Stop Carriers for Causes.

I was a moaning door mat and felt so disrespected and angry, so I used force to get even. Now I know I deserve better and can ask for it nicely.

D, aged 16

“I found the programme really helpful, not only for managing my teenager, but my other children as well, and I understand my teens feelings. It’s given me more confidence in myself and tools to handle different situations.”

A Parent

K's Story

K's life was in chaos when he was referred by another youth support agency in Rushmoor. All his relationships with both family and friends had broken down he was distraught at the prospect of losing his girlfriend and was struggling to keep his part time job. We met 9 times earlier this year to help K come to terms with his very angry and upset feelings about his inability to control his temper and behaviour. He was also struggling to control his alcohol consumption. 

We agreed some very clear rules which K wanted and said he needed at that time which included improving his diet, cutting out all alcohol and energy drinks and exercising every day. After just 1 week on this regime he felt so much better. He was sleeping better and had stopped feeling angry and agitated all the time and felt calmer and more in control. 

We agreed an action plan to mend bridges with his girlfriend and family, which included taking responsibility for some of his actions and apologising where necessary, and writing letters to others. He was able to put sensible and realistic boundaries in place to help him manage certain people and situations.

I was able to write a report for his next court appearance evidencing his excellent engagement with my project and his high levels of commitment and motivation to change.

K has now been enjoying a more stable life, he has returned to regular working hours and has now been able to stay at home with his family on occasion. He has applied for his own flat and is waiting to hear if he has been accepted.

H's Story

H, 16, had been struggling with feelings of depression and this was resulting in outbursts of aggressive behaviour that was causing H much upset and guilt. He isolated himself and felt no one understood him. He was unable to focus at school and said he didn’t care about anything anymore. During the 12 sessions H was able to talk about how he felt enabling him to feel understood and accepted, and not judged.

We explored the causes of his depressed feelings and explained the link between his fears for himself and his angry outbursts. He was able to see his expectations of himself were unrealistic and that this triggered constant feelings of frustration and disappointment. We constructed plans to manage a variety of situations and tested them, using a range of strategies learnt throughout the programme.

H’s confidence and self awareness improved throughout the support and his ability to intervene early on his own behalf grew alongside, resulting in greater self control. H learnt to share some of his fears with key people in his life to ease feelings of isolation and gain support from a positive network. H subsequently did well in his GCSE’s and is now studying at College and has learnt to manage his expectations to avoid let downs and disappointments.