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Tittensor Village Hall


CLEAN is the most important word in the Kitchen

  •      Wear clean clothes or an apron/ overall
  •      Use only clean cloths for washing, wiping & drying
  •      Keep working surfaces clean as you go
  •      Clean up spillages after the happen
  •      Always use clean utensils
  •      Always use clean crockery don’t use any cracked or chipped
  •      Keep the waste bin clean and covered and empty regularly
  •      Clean well after finishing your preparations
  •      Wash & dry crockery & cutlery before putting away
  •      Wash the work surfaces, sink and any spills on the floor     
  •      Empty the waste bin[s] and clean any spillage


  • Keep all uncooked meats, fish and dairy products separate
  • Keep the preparation of raw and cooked food separate
  • The fridge is available for storing these foods [below 8ºC]


  • When heated, keep food hot before serving don’t reheat!
  • Keep prepared food covered until they are to be served
  • When reheating food ensure it gets piping hot

                              Remember we all ‘borrow’ the Kitchen

           Please leave it in a good clean & safe condition for other users