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Tittensor Village Hall


Tittensor Village Hall Management Committee                      

Registered as a Charity in England & Wales No 522447

                                                            Winghouse Lane,  Tittensor, Stoke on Trent.  ST12 9HW

Terms of Use                                                   Terms and Conditions of Hire 


All applications for the hiring, shall be made on the forms obtainable from the Booking Secretary. 

Provisional bookings by telephone or Email must be confirmed in writing within 7 days on a form together with a Deposit

of One Third -or they may be cancelled, The person signing the Application Form shall be deemed to be the hirer

and 25 years of age or over. If a different responsible person is to be present at the event the name must appear on the

application form which is only valid when the Booking Secretary sends confirmation.


The balance of charges in respect of each hiring can be paid on the day of the hiring event.

When a damage deposit is asked for this has to be paid not less than two weeks prior to the event.

The Management reserve the right to refuse a booking. If an application is not granted all monies will be refunded.

  1. DAMAGE DEPOSITS  -  At the discretion of the Management Committee

For hirers Unknown to the Management Committee - for Evening Adult Parties, Discos and Weddings a Damage Deposit

Cheque of £200 in advance of the Hiring may be levied to be paid [two weeks in advance of the booking]

This deposit will be refunded in full after the event if no damage or loss or extra cleaning work is required after the event.

Additionally further charges may be levied if necessary in cases of excessive damage caused during the hire.

The Damage Deposit [or part] may also be retained if undue noise or other disturbances are caused especially if complaints

are received from local residents or third parties, or if the management have to be called out to deal with a disturbance problem.

  •    A Lights Booklet is available in the foyer giving the location of all the light switches.
  •   The storeroom is to the left of the stage where additional Tables can be found. Handle with care!
  •    The central heating is only to be controlled by the Thermostat in the foyer. Radiator thermostats must not be altered
  •    Decorations, posters, banners or balloons, are not to be affixed to the wall or so as to cause any damage.
  •    No screws, nails drawing pins or tacks shall be driven into any part of the premises.
  • Blue Tack may be used but should be removed at the end of the booking.

  • Hooks are positioned under the Alcoves for hanging Balloons or Party Decorations.
  • There is a Cloakroom to the right of the Stage next to the Toilets
  • A Baby Changing Table [with wipes] can be found in the toilet for the disabled in the foyer.

            5.   HEALTH & SAFETY

             All hirers have a duty of care to observe the practices set out in the hall’s Health and Safety Policy,

  • A No Smoking policy inside the hall must be enforced by the hirer. Smoking debris bins are provided outside the hall.

  • Fire extinguisher points are in the FOYER : LEFT OF THE STAGE : REAR OF THE HALL by the emergency doors.

  • Advise the Emergency Services if called of the Tittensor Village Hall’s POSTAL CODE -  ST12 9HW
  • The hirer must unsure that the Terms & Conditions’ for the hall are understood and kept by all persons during the hire.
  • A copy of hygiene regulations in preparing, serving or selling food. is displayed on the notice board and in the kitchen.
  • The hirer shall observe fire regulations and restrict the number of guest to 150 in the main hall- 120 if seated.
  • A First Aid Box of consumables can be found in the kitchen cupboard. Tablets and Medicines are not included.
    • To use the outside  public Defibrillator in the event of any person                     needing resuscitation first Dial 999

             and the operator will give you the code number to open the outside wall cabinet.

6.   ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION  - Duty of care and Responsibility of the Hirer

 The hall is not Licensed for alcohol. The hirer is responsible for obtaining a license when alcohol is to be sold.

 No alcohol to be served or consumed by anyone under the age of 18. No alcoholic drinks allowed outside the premises.

Alcohol  Anyone suspected of being drunk /or having drugs or acting in a disorderly manor must be asked to leave the hall.


The hirer or a named responsible nominated person over 25 years of age shall be present at all times during the hire

period to ensure there are sufficient levels of supervision for the purpose of safety, security and proper conduct of all persons.

 8..    x  LOAD MUSIC OR LOAD NOISE   - Give consideration to local residents

  • As the hall is in a quiet village location, music and noise must be kept down to a reasonable level.
  • Ensure those persons playing the music keep the volume down and allow no loud noise or nuisance.
  • The management shall ask for the sound to be lowered or may turn off the sound if it is considered too loud
  • Ensure that vehicles park in an orderly way avoiding obstruction of the main road.
  • Use best endeavors to ensure users leave in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to disturb residents.


  • The hall is DDA compliant having installed an entrance ramp for wheelchairs users, and with handrails.
  • There is a Wheelchair available for anyone’s use. This can be found in the Store Room to the left of the stage.
  • A toilet for the person with a disability is to the left in the foyer.
  • When a microphone is in use there is a loop hearing system which can be used for the hard of hearing.
  • All floor surfaces in the hall premises are flat without steps.

  10.    INSURANCE

      The Management Committee has ensured that the hall is fully insured for legal liability and for accidental injury to

      third parties or for damage to their property arising from use by the hirer of the hall where the committee is deemed

      to be at fault and the use of the hall by the hirer is for non-commercial purposes.

      Suppliers of bouncy castles must have adequate insurance cover of their own.

     The hirer shall, if selling goods in the hall comply with the Fair Trading Laws. No goods sold should be counterfeit.

  11.       CHILDREN & VULNERABLE ADULTS POLICY   - See Policy Statement on the notice board

  • Users to take special care when caring for Children and Vulnerable Adults.
  • Report any concerns, suspicions or alleged incident to the Nominated Trustee [in confidence].
  • Suppliers of Bouncy Castles must have Public Liability Insurance and a Current Test Certificate for the Equiptment

              Nominated Trustee Mr. Paul Richardson [Chairman] Tel 01782 372564

    12.     SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF LETTING               -  All lettings are subject to the following conditions:


    • The Bowlers have their own reserved parking space during the summer months.
    • This parking area is facing the Green
  • Decorations, posters, banners or balloons, are not to be affixed to the wall or so as to cause any damage.
  • No screws, drawing pins or tacks shall be driven into any part of the premises.
  • Blue Tack may be used but removed at the end of the booking.
  • The central heating is only to be controlled by the Thermostat in the foyer. Radiator thermostats must not be altered.

   13.      END OF HIRE                                                    - The storeroom is to the left of the stage.

  • Tables and chairs to be properly stowed away as they were found- Using Floor-Trolley, not dragged.
  • The floor to be brushed clean and vacuumed if necessary.
  • Close all windows and doors in the hall, turn off any electrical equipment, switch off all lights.
  • If the kitchen has been used, turn off the cooker and water heater.
  • Use the correct outside bins  ie Blue Bin for or recycle items Green for other  items.
  • Before locking the front door turn off the heating by lowering the thermostat below 10° C

- The Thermostat is situated in the foyer on the wall to the Left of the entrance door.

  • Advise the booking secretary of and item needing attention and of any damage however slight.


           The Management Committee accepts no responsibility for vehicles parked articles left on the premises.

          Please remember to take away all your belongings- any electrical appliances, kitchen utensils or plates.                      

          Conditions of Hire as agreed and accepted by the Management Committee November, 2014