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Membership Fees for 2020-2021

By Mike Spraget Turpins Indoor Bowls Club

Monday, 7 September 2020


Turpins Indoor Bowls Club Contributor


The Board are asking members to pay 50% of their 2020/2021 membership (£42.50 for adults) for the period up to 31/12/2020. This includes Junior and Social members as well

In January 2021 we will review the situation based on the services we have been able to offer members and adjust the remainder of the annual membership fee accordingly.

Our club did receive a Government grant during lockdown, but we've still had to pay rent, utility and others bills, so we need income in the year ahead.

Many thanks to the many members who have supported this request and agreed to pay £42.50, even if they are delaying their return to indoor bowls for a few more months, this is greatly appreciated.

Please phone the club 0179 525959 and leave a message to book a rink or join a Drive

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