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Southern Water - Groundwater update - Tankering Little Ann WPS

By C Emmett (Parish Clerk) Upper Clatford

Monday, 8 November 2021


Upper Clatford Contributor


Mon 8 Nov 21

RE: Southern Water - Works at Little Ann Bridge WPS

Good Afternoon everyone,

Unfortunately we have not been able to complete the repair today due to one of the selwoods pumps at Little Ann Bridge being faulty and needing replacing before the work is completed, I have been informed that the tankers have been stood down for today and will return again from tomorrow morning to complete the repair, with the hope that this should be completed by end of play tomorrow.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself if you have any further questions and apologies for the delay.

Kind Regards

Victoria Miller

Customer County Manager

Wastewater Networks & Customer (Hampshire)

The following was received from Southern Water on 5 Nov 21

the main repair to the damaged section of pipe at Little Ann Bridge pumping station is ready to be completed this Monday weather permitting. The work will begin at roughly 9am Monday and should be completed by the end of the day(8 hour duration).

The below tankers will be at sites to manage flows while the repair is being completed –

  • Little Ann Bridge pumping station – 3 x 4k tankers
  • Furzedown Lane pumping station – 6 x 4k tankers
  • Mullens Pond pumping station – 2 x 6k tankers
  • Monxton pumping station- 4 x 4k tankers

The following update was received from Southern Water on 10 Oct 21:

I wanted to take the opportunity of having this shared email (Chairmen of local Parish Councils) to notify you of an issue with the rising main at Little Ann Bridge WPS. The main appears to be leaking and will require urge t flow management and repair. We therefore have a need to intercept flows with tankers, these are likely to be positioned at Little Ann Bridge WPS (priory road), Monxton, and Furzedown Lane Amport, and cattle Lane as per our continuity plan for the site. The duration of the work is hard to determine at this stage

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