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As you are aware the situation has changed regarding how much time we are to spend outside and where we are allowed to visit. The allotments are all currently open and will remain so until we are advised otherwise.

Travel to and from the allotments is permitted if due precautions are taken. Visiting the site constitutes your daily exercise set out by the government.

However, any plot-holder who is self isolating or a household member is ill with coronavirus should not be visiting the site.

We ask that all tenants visiting the site also bear the following in mind;

  • Please keep your distance from other tenants to help limit the spread of the virus. Follow current government guidelines about social distancing.

  • Do not share tools or any other equipment with another plot holder.

  • Be careful after touching site gates, locks or other communal assets. Disinfect your hands after each use.

  • The use of the sites if for allotment tenants only. No groups are allowed on site and only family members that live with the tenant can enter the site if the tenant is also present.

  • Do not use water troughs if present to wash hands or equipment to sterilise them. The water is for watering purposes only. Be careful not to contaminate any troughs with any soap or other chemicals.

  • Please stay on your plot at all times and do not enter another plot under any circumstances.

  • If you are unwell you should not attend your allotment. Where it is the case that you keep livestock, you should ensure that someone tends to and ensures food and water are made available for the animals. In the unfortunate case that livestock die then you should also ask for someone to remove and dispose of considerately.

Thank you.


Urpeth Parish Council owns 3 allotment sites within the parish area. Management of the allotment sites is assisted by two Allotment Associations.

High Handenhold Allotment Site

Current rent price £35 per annum.

Allotment Association Secretary: Mick Simpson 

Twizell Lane Allotment Site

Current rent price is £30 per annum.

Plantation View Allotment Site

Current rent price is £35 per annum.

Allotment Association Secretary: David Shotton

Should you be interested in taking on a garden at any of our sites please contact either the Association Secretary or Clerk to the Council who will advise you whether any available plots or waiting lists.