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Valley Church, Andover

What we do

Flowing from what we believe, in our statement of faith the Valley Church is a church which “does”.  In fact we have 3 principles of:

Personal Devotion (Our individual relationship with Jesus)

Participation (Our involvement in each others lives and the life of the church)

Proclamation (Showing and telling others about our faith)

The Church has about 75 members and is unusual in that it does not normally meet together on a Sunday morning but rather meets as a number of home churches at least once a week and usually twice.  In addition to those home church meetings, individuals will often meet in informal groups to pray, or eat or encourage one another.  Modelled on the family, different home churches have slightly different styles but all adhering to our core beliefs and values.  Home church meetings usually include worship, prayer and teaching and regular breaking bread. Although there is a home group leader who takes responsibility for these meetings, members are encouraged to bring songs, prayers, readings etc and to ask questions and otherwise participate in teaching.  Once a month the church will come together to pray and every 4 to 6 weeks we will meet together on a Sunday to worship together.

Whether meeting in a home or collectively in the Bridge Building in town, the church meetings allow space for participation by members, guided by the Holy Spirit, to bring prophecy, read scripture, sing, pray, or encourage one another.  If you are not used to this type of service it can sound a little chaotic, but it does reflect what we believe the Bible says about the early church and visitors often say that there is still a sense of order underlying it all.

The Church is led by (currently 3) elders who work with a leadership team of another 5 people. In addition there is a group of 5 trustees who not only look after finance and fabric matters, but also ensure that the Church stays true to its original trust deed.  We receive help, oversight and advice from a group of church planters called Impact Network.  This UK based group has an international ministry planting and encouraging churches across the UK, Africa, America, and Europe.  We in the Valley Church have particularly close links with churches in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Our church members are actively involved in town wide projects in cooperation with other churches.  To know more about them you can look at what goes on in the Bridge Building as part of Hope Andover and Andover Churches Together.

If you are new to Andover, just visiting, or merely curious to know what we are about please contact the Bridge Office we would be glad to talk to you and have you visit a home church if you would like to.  We would be particularly happy to chat if you want to know more about becoming a Christian.